Welcome to the Diocesan School for Christian Studies of the Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida!

As we send Diocesan School Dean, Father William Stomski, off to Reno, Nevada with our many prayers and best wishes, it is my pleasure and honor to accept the position of Interim Director of the Diocesan School for Christian Studies. I look forward to continuing the direction that Father William has so competently set for the Diocesan School. As he wrote in his website Welcome we will continue as “a faith community who are eager to learn and discover together how God is at work in our lives and in the world. The educational, spiritual, and social experience of attending Diocesan School will continue as an integral part in the broader process of professional development of lay licensing and certification, and as the academic element for ordination to the Holy Orders of the Diaconate.” Further, we will continue to work closely with Archdeacon Thomas Bruttell whose office oversees the process for professional development in our Episcopal Diocese and Church. I encourage you to look over this School website, peruse the School Manual, come for a visit to the School at any time and even sit in on a class, if you would like. I may be contacted at jayfradet@gmail.com with your questions and interests. In the meantime, I welcome you to the Diocesan School and we hope to see you soon.

Jay Fradet, Interim Director