About Us

The Diocesan School for Christian Studies offers a wide variety of courses that include the standard disciplines of study in the church. The courses are designed to enhance the total ministry of the church and are open to laity, clergy and aspirants.

The School year has a Fall and Spring semester. Each semester consists of eight Saturdays and the dates are planned to avoid conflict with major diocesan events and programs. Any student may take one to four courses each semester. To receive the Certificate of Completion, the Three-Year Core Curriculum must be completed with a passing grade in each course. The grading system is pass-fail.

A significant amount of independent reading and study is expected of students in the Diocesan School. Most instructors require writing of papers, and exams may be given at the instructor’s discretion.

School Board Chair
Canon Thomas G. O’Brien III
Lay Deputy GC 2006, 2009, 2012
School Board Members
The Rev. Susan Rafter Beebe
Assisting Priest, Bethesda by the Sea
The Venerable Thomas Bruttell
Archdeacon for Deployment
The Rev. Mary Ellen Cassini
Chaplain, Palmer Trinity Episcopal Day School
The Rev. Frank J. Corbishley
Church of the Venerable Bede
Rev. Dr. Ann Goraczko, St. Bernard de Clairvaux Mr. Fred Herdeen
The Venerable Dr. Bryan Hobbs
Archdeacon for Congregational Ministry
Ms. Krisan Lamberti
Secretary Chair, Commission on Christian Formation and Education
St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church
The Rev. Jennie Lou Reid
St. Faith’s Episcopal Church
Ms. Linda Schlepp-Gray
Asst. to the Archdeacon for Congregational Ministry
The Very Rev. William L. Stomski
Dean, Diocesan School for Christian Studies; Chaplain and Sacred Studies Teacher, St. Joseph’s Episcopal School
The Rev. John Tidy
All Souls’ Episcopal Church
The Rev. Horace D. Ward
Church of the Holy Family